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Our smyrna fitness center has a ​​Coach at Every HIIT Session

Our hectic schedules often make it difficult to arrive somewhere at a specific time. OUR D7 HIIT Workout has no class start time. Simply show up during the studio operating hours and start your workout. Boss had you work late? Stuck in traffic? No problem! Our smyrna d7 Fitness coach is standing by and ready when YOU are!

​​​​​No Scheduled Class Start Time

High Intensity Workout


MYTH: An effective workout must be 30 minutes to an hour long. With our busy lives who can find that much time to train? Our D7 fitness program will help you get in shape and lose weight in sessions that last only 15 minutes. It’s true! More and more research is showing that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a better fitness choice than the traditional endurance workout. It blasts fat while retaining your muscle and continues to burn calories even after you’re done!

So take oFf those running shoes and come enjoy an amazing, 15 minute, seven station workout in our “No Shoe” studio.


HIIT Workout

Coach At Every HIIT Session

Changing up your HIIT workout will keep you from getting bored AND create “muscle confusion.” Our D7 exercises will change DAILY to keep you on your toes and keep your body burning maximum fat.

Our gym has 7 stations and incorporates
self defense and martial arts moves, as well as exercises used by United States Marines. Your coach may incorporate weights and other equipment to amp it up and add variety to your routine. By mixing cardio with strength training, you’ll blast your fat while retaining your muscle! By the time your 15 minutes is up, you’ll have had a whole body workout and learned a few new skills while you were at it!

Station 1: Warm up
Station 2: Lower body
Station 3: Lower body strikes
Station 4: Upper body
Station 5: Upper body strikes
Station 6: Full body 

Station 7: CorE

D7 Main

Going all-out for 15 minutes can be a real challenge! To make sure you stay motivated and get the best possible workout, we have a coach in every D7 session to guide, motivate, and push you when you need it. Remember: it only works . . . if YOU work!

D7 stands for “Daily Seven”  and is based on the exercise routine of United States Marines. It is a different HIIT workout every day . . . seven exercises, one coach, and a session is only 15 minutes long! We’ll provide the motivation, you bring the dedication!